Direct offer content often gets a “bad rap.” Why? Because this type of content requires you to make a direct offer to your audience. No beating around the bush, no hiding. Just the offer.

Direct offer content needs to be direct…but so many people shy away from this because they don’t want to appear salesy, or they feel sleazy. So instead of making the offer, they BURY the offer.

I’m sure you’ve seen this – a post or reel with a story, and at the very end, they spew out the “offer.” Usually, it’s so fast and quiet that you have to rewatch or (worse) you don’t even realize that you missed it.

Obviously, this isn’t sustainable or joyful.

Here’s the thing – the people who follow you follow you for a reason. Sure, some of them follow you because they’re your friend, but a LOT of the people paying attention want to work with you.

But, if you don’t make a direct offer (as in, here’s exactly how to work with me right now), how will they know that you can solve their problem?

You’re missing the mark if you only create content that educates and never sells. Direct offer content supports your educational content and directs your followers and fans toward working with you to solve their problems.

What if instead of just making the offer, you extended an invitation? An invitation to work with you, solve their problem, and have a whole lot of FUN in the process?

With invitation selling, you’re still providing a VERY direct offer (you’re selling your program without mincing words), but you’re doing it in the spirit of inviting them into your world.

To make direct selling content easier, we’ve developed a simple four-step process:

1. What are you selling?
2. Who is the PERFECT fit for this offer?
3. Design your Direct Offer post.
4. Make the invitation.