In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about thought reversals – the purpose of a thought reversal is to change the beliefs of your prospective clients. Now, these beliefs may not be beliefs that they even realize that they have.

Thought reversals are some of the most powerful, yet challenging types of content to create.

…it’s also the most fun, in our opinion.

Everyone has blind spots and outdated beliefs about things…but we don’t always recognize them.

That is exactly why thought reversal posts are so powerful – they allow us to give our followers and potential clients space to change their beliefs.

Helping your future clients shift their beliefs BEFORE working with you means that it makes it easier for you to position yourself as the solution that they’ve been searching for.

For example, for years and years, we’ve been told that in order to lose weight you need to exercise and cut calories.

But that’s not true. Simply changing the way you move OR your diet can create BIG shifts in your weight. It doesn’t have to be both.

This just illustrates how deeply ingrained some beliefs are, and with the power of thought reversals, you can help your followers shift their thoughts and beliefs (and be open to your solution) so that you become the go-to person to help them.