I sat with my friend on Sunday, tears dropping into my freshly squeezed orange juice. I could no longer tell the juice from the tears. 

My lip was trembling, my hash browns cold. I was trying to find the words that showed how I felt as a program leader in this growing brand.  

“I lay awake at night, wanting so badly to help Jane, but knowing that her depression has kicked in again, and she is in another downward cycle. It will take weeks for us to undo this episode. Yet, she still shows up for her dreams.”

The last statement made me sob. The courage Jane has to keep showing up for herself and her entrepreneurship, over and over again, even when the depression sneaks in and takes over. That courage deserves to be celebrated.  

My friend nodded. 

“Yesterday I got on Zoom with my student who beat cancer. Can you imagine? Our entire community cheered her on for close to a year! She came back to the program, cancer free….and now 2 months later….we let the silence do the talking. It’s back. That fucking cancer is back, and in this conversation we talked about legacy, mostly, and the impact she wanted to leave in the world.” 

I left that call with so many emotions that day. The courage it takes to wake up each day and decide to live–one more day–and be a bright light in someone else’s world. That courage deserves to be celebrated.  

My friend breathed, nodded, listening, hearing the pain as my voice rose higher in pitch. The sobs were stuck in my throat. 

“My student made her first program sale! We celebrated via Voxer. That was a bright spot in the week — she’s been working for months for that first sale to come in!” 

The tears stopped for a moment, glistening in my smile. The courage it takes to to show up each day and try new things–to be visible and seen. That courage deserves to be celebrated. 

My friend smiled. 

“And you, my dear student. To wake up to the news that your husband has left you and your small son alone. You are so brave, and you deserve to be happy. What can I do to help you?” 

I took a deep breath to steady the wave of emotion passing through my body. My BLT was half-eaten. The courage it takes to rebuild a life–one the day before you didn’t know needed rebuilding. That courage deserves to be celebrated.

My student took a sip of water. 

“Shannon, you care. You care so deeply for each and every person in your program. You have a tremendous ability to create space for your students. You are present. You are IN your program. This is what makes you so different. You are a human, doing human things. This is why we love you.” 

My black cloth napkin couldn’t absorb any more moisture. 

In the past couple of years, we have had the absolute honor and privilege of helping coaches and consultants build their businesses in a way that honors every single one of them–their desires, their joy, their unique personalities, their setbacks. We have built a community of entrepreneurship– an online family if you will – who holds and loves one another. We show up for each other through #allthethings. 

I am so extremely proud of this. In the world of online marketing, where the advice most are “teaching” is lackluster (if not ridiculous) at best, we are working with world-class thought leaders who want to do it their own way: with love, compassion, and a human approach to business.    

I wouldn’t change any of this. Even on the mornings when my potatoes are cold and my orange juice too watery. 

Many of us are called to entrepreneurship because we are craving something different – usually freedom from the 9-5 workplace or the freedom of creating a financial future where we call the shots. Many of us also want to do good work in the world. We have a gift and we want to share it. We have a passion for other human beings, who we want to serve and help.   

And despite all the coaches and consultants I’ve hired to help me so far, not one ever talked to me about this. Not one prepared me for THIS: 

This human side of entrepreneurship. This human side of being a leader who serves and cares deeply. This human side that keeps me awake more hours than it has me sleeping. This human side that cheers for my students–from the valleys and atop the mountains. 

So, I decided I’m going to talk about this stuff. I’m going to bring this human side of business to the light. 

Certainly, there must be more of us out there, who are deep in thought about how to scale and leverage. And I’m not talking about the money and business model here, that continues to be the focus of most, leaving the human side out of the equation. 

I’m talking about this: How do you scale and create leverage for deep emotional investment in others AND increased client results in your entrepreneurship? 

(Is this you? If so, I’d love to hear from you.) 

As my program continues to grow, and my brand continues to become more widely known, I too must evolve, as a leader. As I tell my students, I am a student of my own work. I’m in this with you. We are all growing and evolving, together.   

Entrepreneurship is a wild ride. It’s a thrilling adventure of personal discovery and will show you exactly who you are and help you see who you’ve always wanted to become, IF you are open to growing and getting out of your comfort zone. 

And today, for me, this is the courage that deserves to be celebrated. 


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