If I told you that the last couple of months had been easy-breezy, I’d be lying to you. I’ve had so much inner turmoil within my soul and brain that I have had to pull back and work on the most important thing in my business—me.

It all started with a groin injury in April. I went out for a run one day with my friend TJ. We ran over the Brooklyn Bridge and back again—a total of about 9 miles. It was a lovely, breezy day on the West Side waterfront. But, when I returned home, I noticed that my right groin was sore. I thought it was a muscle and decided to rest the next week and let it properly heal.

The bad thing is that it never really healed. Every time I tried to run or walk briskly, the pain would return. The pain wasn’t dull either—it was a sharp pain that lasted for a few days and then would subside.

As you might know, I spent all of last year qualifying for the November 1st NYC Marathon. It was a huge commitment of time, energy, and fitness. My goal has been to run this marathon since I was young. I would watch it on TV each year when I lived in Illinois. I had visualized myself in this race for years, and I finally had the time to dedicate to training, qualifying, and running it.

During this time of injury, my mindset was affecting me in so many ways. I was worried about IF I would be able to run. I was frustrated when my groin felt good, only to turn to pain again once I set out on a run. I was delayed in making plans, like booking speaking gigs and classes to teach, because I didn’t know my schedule. All of this resulted in so much turmoil—and a loss of productivity and momentum in my business. I couldn’t even make basic decisions anymore, because I was obsessed with the uncertainty of it all. 

Last week I went to the doctor and received a huge blow: I was told I would have to withdraw from the 2015 Marathon, as I had a stress fracture in my hip. I cried in the office. I cried on the train ride home. And I cried for two days following that doctor’s office visit. My husband, Michael, comforted me and gave me tons of support. And on the third day, I woke up and shifted my mindset.

How I Shifted My Mindset and Got Back On Track

  1. I cancelled everything that didn’t need my immediate attention. For example, networking events were the first to go. I needed to reset my attitude before meeting someone at an event and giving off “bad” vibes.
  2. I slept. I figured if I couldn’t dedicate the 2 hours a day to training, I would sleep those extra hours. When I am emotional, sleep does my body good!
  3. I made more time for journaling and meditation. Increasing the time I spent with myself in my journal helped me tremendously. I was able to express my anger, frustration, and pain in a safe, confident space.
  4. I cooked healthy food. Now, I do this regularly, but sometimes I don’t enjoy the process because I am pressed for time. I made cookies, fruit crisp, and big healthy vegan dishes—like salads, soups, and comfort foods.
  5. I revisited my 2015 vision board. I checked in on all the things I had completed, and I focused on all the things I still wanted to complete. I reminded myself how much time I had received back now that I couldn’t train for the marathon. And I made a plan to allot that time to various other projects.
  6. I wrote positive affirmations and repeated them multiple times a day. Two of my current favorites are: Being a marathon runner doesn’t define me. and I am successful in many ways outside of running. 
  7. I increased the amount of fiction I was reading. Simply put, I needed to get lost in someone else’s words and stories.
  8. I made a list of all the things I am grateful for in my life. I did this everyday. I’m well over 400 entries now on that list.
  9. I decided to pick forms of exercise that I enjoyed, but had neglected due to all the running. Top of the list? Cycling and yoga.
  10. I spent more time in nature. Daily walks to the park to sit under the trees became a habit.

I am happy to announce that I am back on track and feeling positive again! Do you need a mindset shift? Is your mindset affecting your business (either in a positive or negative way)? I’d love for you to tweet me and start a conversation!