When I was gifted with a Birthday Walk, I had no idea what was in store for me! To be honest, I didn’t even know what a Birthday Walk was—but I was excited about the unique gift and ready to give it a whirl.

My Birthday Walk started on the East Side of Manhattan, on 39th Street. I was 39 years old, and I was ready to walk slowly down 39th Street, from the east side to the west side of the island, and be open to new possibilities, new discoveries, and follow my intuition as I strolled along.

It helped immensely that I had a companion with me to talk while I walked, ask me about my dreams and goals, and provide insight into the things we were experiencing as we walked along. Enter….Barbara Ann Michaels, founder of Jester of the Peace, and creator of Birthday Walks!

I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when the walk began. Was I supposed to talk, or be silent? What information did Barbara need to help me discover the things about me that I wasn’t even aware of myself? I’m happy to report that Barbara, a Connection Artist, was phenomenal in facilitating the discussion during the walk, as well as helping me notice the very “signs” along 39th Street that correlated with the visions I was sharing with her.

One common theme that continued to surface as we walked and talked was my need to spend more time in nature. This country girl has to get out of the city where it’s quiet and calm! Barbara pointed out things that supported this idea, as we walked. She made sure to show me quaint little parks and natural oases where I could escape when most needed. The most amazing part of this whole Birthday Walk was when the walk ended at 39th Street on the west side, I was greeted with a garden of colorful flowers! I couldn’t help but sit by the flowers and marvel at the beauty—but also at the symbolism.

Experience a Brand New YOU with a Birthday Walk

Throughout the walk, I also shared with Barbara that my husband and I wanted to live in Costa Rica November through March, so we could escape the cold of the city, but also because we wanted to experience another culture in an intimate way. As we strolled along, we came upon a truck that was delivering Imperial beer to a bodega. On the side of the truck were the words, “la cerveza de Costa Rica”, along with a colorful mural. Coincidence? I think not! I returned home that afternoon and we began making plans ASAP.

Experience a Brand New YOU with a Birthday Walk

As a business owner, I spend a lot of time thinking about my business and how I want to expand it. Expansion to me has always meant having a deeper connection with others and doing good in the world. I truly believe that if I wake up every day and do that, the money will follow. As I shared this vision with Barbara, we strolled past this sign:

Experience a Brand New YOU with a Birthday Walk


What I valued most about Barbara is she is great listener. I really had a chance to talk out my visions in depth with her on my Birthday Walk. Here were a few things that I said about my business vision, during our time together, along with the updates:

1 – I am a kickass business owner, running international women’s retreats. (My first international retreat has been planned and registration is open. I am taking six women to Tuscany to build their businesses and create lives they LOVE waking up to every single day.)

2 – I coach fewer people, so I can build a deeper connection with each one, and really get a chance to understand their businesses on a very deep level. (I have transitioned out all non-coaching work, raised my rates, and developed premium packages with a premium price. I currently have just one spot left in my coaching practice!)

3 – I want to work three and half days each week, at the most. This will allow me creative time to nourish my soul, dream bigger, and have more fun! (I have rearranged my schedule so that I work 9:30 – 4: 30 Monday – Wednesday, and 9:30 – 12:30 on Thursday).

Intrigued and inspired and ready to experience your own walk? The good news is that you don’t have to wait until your birthday! Barbara takes people on walks for their anniversary, a special promotion walk, and other important milestones like bat/bar mitzvahs. She even can lead group walks for business and corporations who are celebrating important company milestones.

This was by far one of the best gifts I have ever received. It was unique and completely customized to me! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate me than being given the time and space to talk about (and brainstorm) my visions— and then be guided to the possibilities and signs that presented themselves as we strolled along 39th Street in Manhattan.