My clients continue to ask me: How do you show up and say the bold things you say? Aren’t you worried that people will be totally turned off? 

Honestly, I used to worry about that, years ago. I’d want to say something that was burning in my soul, but fear held me back. I was scared I’d offend people, turn people off, and lose sales. 

But in reality, when I SHOWED UP 100% as me, the opposite happened! 

The more I spoke from my heart and soul, and the more I shared my tears and joy and frustration, the more magnetizing I became. 

  • My list started growing. 
  • My clients became perfect-fit clients. 
  • I gained more confidence in my messaging. 
  • I made more money. 
  • And I definitely had way more JOY IN MY MARKETING (and my life). 

Did I lose people along the way? Most definitely. But what I gained was way more beneficial that what I lost. 

Here’s what I’ve realized after helping 1000s of coaches and consultants with creative marketing that magnetizes and moves people.

You’ve got to be your own hero. 

—-> You’ve got to believe so much in your vision, that you are willing to say what needs to be said–in service of finding and building and serving your community. 

—-> You’ve got to create BOLD marketing that cuts through the bland everyday ho-hum boring language–and is laced with story so that you attract your people. 

—-> You’ve got to have dreams that both excite you and scare you–and go after what you want with a HAPPY HEART. 

Are you your own hero?

So, how do you go about being your own hero, as a coach or consultant? 

The very first step to being your own hero is to get super clear on your vision and what’s next for you. 

  • This means taking a look at where you’ve been and where you’re headed. 
  • This means making sure your business model is 100% in alignment with your lifestyle values. 
  • This means that your business is CREATING ENERGY for you to do your important work in the world, not draining your energy. 

Then, it’s wise to spend LOTS of TIME creating marketing that calls in the people who you want to help and serve. 

Now, I’m willing to bet that your speciality is not any of the above. And in that case, you are in the right place. <3 

My clients will tell you that their entire BEING changes when they work with me in one of our programs. 

  • They make tweaks to their biz model and understand how their lifestyle values are the DRIVER for every single decision they make. 
  • They learn to create marketing that moves people. 
  • They embrace THEIR HERO and kick their courage up a few notches to say what needs to be said–all in service of reaching and helping their dream clients. 
  • They experience way more joy and celebration in all of it–our community rocks! 

Heroes don’t wait to get rescued. They don’t flounder around and waste time with things that don’t work. 

Heroes take action. And they get help when needed, so they can keep making the world a better place, one person at a time. 

I’m on a mission to help more coaches and consultants be HEROIC and BOLD in their marketing, so they can create more impact and positivity in the world. 

Let’s do this together, shall we? 

Schedule your Strategy Call with us today and let’s see what we discover. 


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