What is your absolute, most favorite and inspiring place in the world? The beach? Mountains? On a gondola in Italy? Your wildflower garden? Disney World?

Just for a moment, I want you to take yourself there – mentally. Engage all of your senses. What do you see? Smell? Hear? Taste? Feel?

Next, imagine you are immersed in this wonderful place, your absolute most favorite place in the entire world, right in your own house. More specifically, right in your writing space!

Do you think you would be a more relaxed, productive writer in an environment where you could sit for hours, surrounded with the sights and sounds and smells of your most favorite place on Earth? 

The answer should be a resounding YES!

I’d like for you to take a visual survey of the area where you do most of your writing.  As writers, there are a few writing environment pitfalls that we absolutely need to stay away from, as they zap our creativity and inspiration.

Writing Environment Pitfalls

  • Odd furnishings: Writers are notorious for putting their offices together with a smattering of leftover furnishings. You deserve better! Create a professional space that makes you FEEL like the writer you are.
  • Desk facing the wall: What do you get when stare at a blank wall all day long? NOTHING! Turn that desk away from the wall and open up your mental possibilities.
  • Clutter: I have a saying: Cluttered spaces lead to cluttered minds. And cluttered minds don’t write well. Spruce up your space!
  • Poor lighting: If available to you, arrange your writing space in a room with lots of natural light. If this is not possible, invest in good lighting that resembles natural light. This alone will make a world of difference in how often you retreat to your writing studio.
  • Lack of inspiration: You deserve to be surrounded by the things you love. Accent your space with coordinated desk accessories, your achievements, awards, and diplomas, and flowers or bright vases that add joy to your environment.

Question: Does your physical writing environment need some sprucing-up? What specifically will you do to make it an inviting space? Please join the discussion.