Finally stop being the best kept secret and create powerful messaging and content that lands you dream clients

If you are a coach/consultant who has an offer you are excited about…

  • …an offer you know transforms the lives of your future clients…
  • …an offer you want to shout about from the rooftops…
  • …an offer you would like to sell more of…

What might it feel like to publish content that actually results in your dream clients reaching out to you?

And not only are they reaching out to you, but they are asking:

How can we get started?

These are the results you can have with your organic marketing when your messaging is CUSTOMIZED to your ideal client. 

When you are thoughtful in your approach to creating content, and you learn how to craft high-value content for your offer – that’s what we call “Magnetic Messaging.”

Magnetic messaging helps you create copy that captures the heart and soul of your ideal clients.

Content that your future clients FEEL.

Content that is kind, clear, compelling, and uplifting. 

When you publish content for your offer, you may not be experiencing these types of results–yet. 

And if this is the case, I get it. 

M. Shannon Hernandez

Hi, I’m Shannon.

I have over 25 years in award-winning curriculum design, working with both the NFL & U.S. Military, and I’m a master trainer and teacher. I’m specifically known around the globe for helping coaches and consultants create magnetic messaging that does the heavy lifting of marketing and selling!

Simply put, when your messaging LANDS, your business GROWS.

I have a question for you – why aren’t more people buying your offer?

ESPECIALLY if it’s a solid offer, has helped past clients get transformative results, and you’re excited about it?

…it’s your messaging.

Ewww. I know this is not a sexy answer–but there is some good news!

When you fix your messaging problem, your business is going to get a whole lot better!

Your business could look like this in the very near future…

  • Your ideal clients are asking how they can work with you.
  • Your dream clients are paying what you ask. 
  • You are spending less time marketing and less time selling–and more time doing the work you have been called to do. 

Because when your messaging is working, it does 90% of the heavy lifting for you.

WOOHOO! Sound the celebratory bells! 

If you have read this far, and you are nodding your head “yes”, but you still have some doubts, let’s talk about them now. 

If our kind heart and expertise could sell itself, we’d all be billionaires by now. 

But here’s the reality: ATTENTION is the biggest currency online today

If you know how to get attention, you are golden. 

But most people were not born with this skill. And that’s okay–you’ve been gifted other amazing skills! 

The online space is crowded – more and more businesses are entering the virtual playground. 

There’s good news – millions of people are online looking for help with their problem.

Coaches and consultants who are converting clients are doing it because of ONE THING:
They’ve learned how to stand out and get noticed.

And the one thing that did this for them?
Their Messaging.

We help you go from The Invisible Expert to The Confident Expert™ with messaging that connects and converts.

Inside our exclusive VIP Vacation Program, we help you become an in-demand coach/consultant in 3 steps:

LASER-FOCUSED MESSAGING that conveys the value of your offer, so your pricing is never questioned/an obstacle again.

ENGAGING ORGANIC CONTENT that speaks to your ideal clients, so they reach out to work with you now.

A 30-DAY MARKETING PLAN related to your offer, so you have a personalized roadmap for selling.

These 3 steps are the process and framework that we have taught to 1000s of coaches and consultants. 

The end result? 

Their messaging improved causing their sales to skyrocket!  

It works for us, too – Joyful Business Revolution™ has used this very same process (hey–it works!) and it’s resulted in over 2 million dollars in sales the past 3 years, working just 3-4 days a week.

During Your VIP Vacation, we will:

  1. Dive into your offer’s MESSAGING. You will discover how to call in your perfect-fit clients with words they identify with, creating that know, like, and trust factor. (We call these identifiers.) We will make slight refinements and enhancements to your offer – which can include how you describe this program, and/or what’s actually included in it, how it is delivered, and the transformation your clients receive when working with you. Small changes like this result in getting more qualified leads and increasing your sales. 
  2. Ensure that you have conveyed THE VALUE of your offer/program.This is all about positioning–and when your offer is positioned correctly, your dream clients will buy from you, at the investment level you have asked for. (And often without a sales call!) The value of your offer is created with messaging that: 
  • Clearly communicates the one problem your ideal client is experiencing (the problem)
  • Explicitly outlines how this problem is showing up for our ideal client (the symptoms) 
  • Demonstrates the result(s) they will experience when their problem is solved (the solution) 
  • Describes how your unique process helps them solve their problem (the method) 
  1. Create your 30 day ORGANIC content plan.This means you’ll leave this experience with a  simplified and repeatable marketing roadmap, complete with content topics that are tied directly to your offer.  

Are you a good fit for the VIP Vacation Program?

If you are a coach/consultant and you know how you help your clients, who your ideal client is, and you are not looking to pivot into a new niche, marketing, or offer right now… 

– And –

If you are a good communicator (either written, speaking (audio/video), or visual) and you enjoy sharing your expertise… 

– And –

If you want a personalized experience where you will receive individualize help with better messaging around your existing offer…. (and don’t want to waste time enrolling in a DIY course or a long-term program)

Then you’re invited to the next VIP Vacation! 

This is a small group experience (we only accept 5 coaches and consultants for each VIP Vacation) for those who want to work directly with Shannon on simple, effective messaging that attracts your ideal clients and sells your offer. 

The VIP Vacation flow

Day 1

If you are flying, you will fly into Newark, NJ and get settled into your hotel. We will gather for dinner around 6pm and spend time getting to know one another. Dinner is included in the VIP Vacation Program!

Day 2

We gather from 10a-4p and work together on your copy and messaging. Lunch is included in the VIP Vacation Program! The evening is yours so you can enjoy and explore the area.

Day 3

We explore the NYC/NJ area and have some fun together–this is a vacation after all! Your activity/excursion is included in the VIP Vacation Program! You can either fly home late this evening or the next day.

The VIP Vacation Program also includes:

  • Our High-Converting Sales Page Template — We will build your sales page using this template, and you’ll have this as a reference for every sales page you’ll ever need!
  • A Monthly Content Planner — Simplicity makes your business flow. Stay organized from month to month with a planning template that keeps you streamlined and organized.
  • 90 Days of Story Marketing Ideas — You’ll never have to think of content ideas again! Enjoy this customizable content library of prompts and high-converting headlines that will help you create content that connects and converts.
  • One 30 minute Next Steps and Future Planning call — After your VIP Vacation Program is complete, you will meet with Amy for celebrations and next steps! Woohoo!

VIP Vacation Program Investment:

The current investment for this program is $3500 USD. We are happy to offer you a 2-payment plan option of $1850 x2 if you would like to split your payment up 30 days apart.

This investment is small compared to the results you can and will experience when you dial in your messaging and create demand for your offer. (To partner with Shannon privately as a 1:1 client is currently $15k, so this is an affordable opportunity if you want to get an award-winning copywriter and sales/marketing expert on your team!)

Please note: Hotel/accommodations and transportation/flights are not included in the VIP Vacation Program. We recommend that you fly into Newark, NJ if you are flying in for this program; and we will also recommend two waterfront hotels with stunning NYC views.

M. Shannon Hernandez

Meet Your Host

M. Shannon Hernandez is ALL ABOUT THAT JOY in life and biz—and is specifically known around the globe for their joyful business growth strategies, including the Content Personality® Wheel. They specialize in organic mission-driven marketing and creative campaigns that help their clients grow aligned audiences and deepen community relationships, so they grow their business for GOOD, resulting in more joy, more time-off, and more profits with purpose.

M. Shannon Hernandez is the founder of Joyful Business Revolution™, the Co-Founder the Content Personality® Club, and a sought after expert in the world of business strategy. She has been featured on CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC. She has over 25 years in award-winning curriculum design, working with both the NFL & U.S. Military, and she is a master trainer and teacher.