Nichole Myles is a speaker, consultant, coach, & leader moving her clients from Survivorship to Thrivorship. Nichole left her non-profit career of 15 years in the spring of 2022 to stand in her brilliance and help others uncover that resilience and growth after trauma are not only possible—but necessary. 

Nichole is on a mission to speak on trauma-informed resilience and post-traumatic growth, and social/emotional learning topics, as well as host workshops, facilitation, and curriculum supporting these.

Before coming to us, Nichole hit the ground running and spoke at a national conference with an overflowing room. She was even voted best speaker – yes, was so sad (to say the least) when no one called her to hire her. 

After working with us, (and just a few months later!) Nichole spoke to an audience that was half the size of the conference note above and had a third of the room saying YES to working with her. 

Here is the catch, she never made a hard pitch for her services. What did she do? Listen to her conversation with Amy to find out how she used our Winning Workshop Framework and a strategic Speaking Evaluation Form to get her stage presence right for attracting her ideal clients in the room. 

Listen to Season 3, Episode 3 of the Grow Your Business for GOOD Podcast with Nichole Myles now: