This season, on the Grow Your Business for Good Podcast, Amy is claiming her crown as the self-proclaimed Queen of Questions and has invited our clients to share their expertise and experience with all of you. 

First up, we have Barbara Zuleger, an expert business strategist who works with woman business owners who are overwhelmed and overworked. Yet, they know that there’s untapped potential just waiting for them inside their businesses. 

Barbara is the founder of Performance Partners Coaching. When Barbara started working with us, she transformed from a reluctant marker to doing the shit that actually works. 

She used to think her marketing was never done, never good enough and was a time suck that wouldn’t go away. 

In this episode, Barbara is sharing how she reframed her marketing, as well as what she needed to realize in terms of what kind of marketing brings her joy and how to she made it work for business success.

Listen to Season 3, Episode 1 of the Grow Your Business for GOOD Podcast with Barbara Zuleger now: