When was the last time you took a stand…in public? Was it last week? Or never?

You’re not alone – most business owners are afraid to “upset the apple cart” or attract “trolls” to their page.

But if you don’t take a stand, how will your future (and current) clients know where you stand…and if you align with their values?

Here’s the truth: in today’s landscape, you have to take a stand – and today we’re going to talk about how to do that with love and compassion…in just four steps:

Step 1: What are you selling?

Step 2: Plant seeds.

Step 3: What is your stance?

Step 4: Create your call to action and sell your stuff!

When you follow these steps, you can speak out by stating your opinion on the topic that you’re focused on, along with any added value that you bring to the conversation.

A word of caution: in our brand, we stay away from topics like politics and religion – but if you feel strongly about either one, we’re not the content police.