Your words have an impact on people, whether you realize it or not.


That impact is creating emotion, and that emotion is creating an action.

So…why should you even care about this when it comes time to do your marketing for your business?

When we’re creating content, we get so wrapped up in the creation part, and being creative and doing something that’s eye-catching, that’s flashy, that’s Wow, that’s amazing–and I think we forget that there’s actually a subconscious emotional experience that is happening.

Instead of worrying about the flash and pizazz, take a step back and look at this first: is this actually how my content and messaging are landing with people?

This psychology of messaging is cyclical – it’s about what you say and how the words land–and the emotional response of your audience that leaves them with two choices: Do I stay? Or do I go?

Your business is not the problem.

Your offer is not the problem.

Most likely, your messaging is the problem.

But it doesn’t have to be a bad problem.

Here’s the thing: all of us want to sell more, which means that we need to pay attention to subconscious signals.