Discover the 6 types of content that deepen relationships and double revenue.

🌟Hello Coaches, Consultants, and Experts!🌟

I’ve developed a JOYFUL content creation approach, that helps you:

  1. simplify your content creation process,
  2. generate relevant and engaging content consistently, and
  3. significantly boost your online visibility and audience engagement.

The end result? You increase your client base.

And the BEST news?

You won’t spend hours creating content–in fact, this resource cuts your content creation time in HALF each week (even if you hate writing).

This could be you👇

“In the past 12 months, I’ve increased my revenue by 170%. We focused on getting clear in my message and creating content that spoke to my ideal client. This increased the leads and quality of leads. I am growing my business without the stress!”

Joan Van De Griek
Fetch Your Wealth

“I partnered with Joyful Business Revolution™ because I needed more targeted messaging and copy to help me express what I do in plain and simple language for my marketing and website. We worked together to discover the right words for attracting my ideal clients and to determine a joyful content marketing for me. As a result of our work together, I now have updated website copy, a content marketing plan, and revised qualification questions for my sales calls. All of this has led to targeted messaging that converts leads to clients.”

Melissa Copeland
Blue Orbit Consulting

“I realized after my Strategy Session with Joyful Business Revolution™ that I needed to anchor into new communication strategies that would match my brand. I wanted tmy authentic voice to shine, and I wanted to figure out the right approach for me to marketing that would generate new clients. Since our work together, there are more people signing up for my courses, more practitioners joining my program, and I’m interacting with my email list in a powerful way. When you work with Joyful Business Revolution™, be prepared to enjoy your marketing and find your best approach to connecting with potential clients.”

Jill Leigh
Energy Healing Institute

“After working with Shannon, I felt a ton of weight lift off my shoulders. I now have a sales page, social media content, and newsletter content that doesn’t feel sales-y — and is true to who I am.”
Abeki Carter
Event Educator