Remember back in the day when you would enthusiastically tote home a permission slip from your teacher for the next school trip? What caused that excitement? Was it the change in routine from a normal school day? Or was it the chance to go somewhere you had never been before–a musical or a thrilling sporting event? One thing was for sure: It was a ticket to something fresh and new!

Why not bring yourself back to center by creating permission slips which allow you to succeed…or grow…or let go…or try something new…or do nothing? I write myself permission slips all the time, since learning about them in a journaling class I took with Brene Brown.

Writing Your First Permission Slip

When writing yourself a permission slip, it’s very important that you use powerful and clear language. Don’t be wishy-washy and please, whatever you do, don’t use any words that are negative in connotation. You want to empower yourself!

Here is a simple formula you can use to get you started:

I give myself permission to ______________ because _______________.

The Power Of Giving Yourself Permission

When you give yourself permission to _______, it is one of the most freeing experiences you can ever imagine! It’s an action rooted in love and compassion for yourself, not one of “should-haves” and “could-haves” and guilt or shame.

Here are some recent examples from my own permission slip pile:

  • I give myself permission to cry when I am overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • I give myself permission to take a day off during the week if I am feeling run down, because I work for myself now!
  • I give myself permission to ask my husband for help when I can’t seem to get everything done, rather than bottle those feelings inside of me.

Put Your Permission Slips on Display

Once you have written your first permission slip, decide where it should go. For example, my permission slip about asking my husband for help is hanging on my refrigerator. I picked this strategic location so that not only will he see it (strategy!), but mainly because I become most overwhelmed and need to ask for help when in the kitchen. (We do lots of cooking and dishes.)

Get Crafty and Make Your Permission Slips Pretty

As you can see from the picture that I chose for this blog post, I have placed some of my permission slips on decorative paper and included some embellishments. I actually have started a Permission Slips for My Soul Journal, so that I can take the ones that are most important to me and preserve them.

Are you inspired to write your first permission slip? I’d love for you to share them in the comments below!