One of the things I’ve been speaking a lot about is making choices from a place of joy. I truly believe that when we focus on joy first, true transformation takes place in all areas our lives and businesses.

What does it mean to scale joy? What does it look like?

It looks like:
*you only saying yes to the activities, offers, and clients that light you up
*you exploring ALL the pieces that make up you and your brilliance, and figuring out how to market those things and get paid well for them
*you spending time doing the things you love – art, volunteering, family gatherings, travel – and building a business AROUND those things
*you going to bed each night knowing that you are living your best life possible and making an impact with your work

I’m getting a few business owners together for a virtual intensive soon, called the Joy|Money Matrix™ + Marketing Alignment Intensive.

During our time together, you will discover what brings you immense joy, so you can:

  1. get clarity on your Thought Leader purpose, mission, and vision, so you can use this information as a filter for every single decision you make moving forward. This means no more bouncing around from idea to idea and offer to offer.
  2. determine the best way for you to share your Thought Leader idea with the world, so you can create messaging and marketing that positions you as a Confident Expert. This means no more hiding – we are going to share your brilliance with the world.
  3. discover how to use this strategic tool that combines your spirit and heart with your brain and entrepreneurial drive, so you can make business and life decisions that are completely aligned with how you want to be spending your time. This means both financial and time freedom.

Ready to see if this intensive might be a good fit for you as you move forward in your business? Request your appointment with me now, so we can have a chat about the future of your business and marketing.