You’re a leader. 

Leader (n): a powerful person who controls or influences what other people do : a person who leads a group, organization

Your business is working well. 

You’re signing clients, hosting events, scaling…things are GOOD. 

You’ve started building a dream team. 

You’ve tasted success at a level that is meaningful for you. 

But something is tugging at you…

Maybe you’ve plateaued in at least one of these areas: your time off, revenue  joy, impact, legacy, influence, or income… 

Maybe you are dreaming about the next iteration of your business…and what that looks like for you.

Or maybe…dare we say it…
You Want More.

More time freedom. More financial freedom. More location freedom. 


And it’s not just that you want more…

The world needs more of your brilliance – but you already know that.

More people need your expert help – but you already know that.

Your heart and soul long for more impact – but you already know that.

Enter a moment of truth: 

There are VERY FEW resources for leaders like us. You most likely recognize this as you search for a quality coach, mentor, or program to help you with your next level of growth. 

Great news! We are doing our part to fill this much-needed gap.

If you’re a CEO who is ready to create a legacy, to build a world-class brand, lead consciously and sustainably…

We’ve created this program with you in mind!

What if you could make an even bigger impact?

An even bigger difference?

What if you could support another charity? Or start your own?

Together, it’s possible.

Let’s make this the year that you focus on your CEO self and your business, so that you have more of the time, location, and financial freedom you’ve dreamed of.

Let’s create sustainable, joy-based goals that you can achieve over and over and over again (without burning out).

Together, we’ll create a business growth plan that works WITH your BIG VISION and your LIFESTYLE – the one that gets you all tingly and excited!


The Joyful CEO™ Program.

Yes, you can completely revolutionize your business beyond your wildest dreams. 

Together, we’ll work backwards from your next set of business growth goals to design an expansion strategy and marketing plan you L-O-V-E. 

This is a high-level, personalized program that is quite literally designed for you and what you need to grow your business and your leadership.  

During our 90 minute monthly mastermind session, prepare to GO DEEP, so you can transform your skills as a CEO Leader. 

We start each mastermind with a topic that you have received in advance—so you can come prepared with questions and walk away with new insight and understanding on how to apply this topic to your business. 

We also have ample time for you to bring your own pressing concern to the mastermind, so we can help you move through it with ease and flow. 

Below are a few sample topics we mastermind around as a small group.

Why does The Joyful CEO™ Program have such Raving Results?

  1. Each CEO is carefully vetted and interviewed to ensure they are a fit (aka at the same level as the other women in the program). Nothing is worse than joining a program where you feel like the “big fish in the small pond” and are more advanced than everyone, or conversely you feel like you are completely lost in an ocean of conversation that is suffocating you with boredom and irrelevance. 

  2. We know that you are busy running a business and living life. We aren’t overloading you with meetings to attend and program content you don’t need. What you need most right now is mentorship and strategy that matches YOUR growth goals.  

  3. Between our monthly mastermind conversations, you’ll have time to implement the insight and changes that we’ve collectively identified into your operations, systems, team, etc. This means you will continue walking the path of THE JOYFUL CEO. 

  4. No two businesses – and no two CEOs – are alike. And what brings you JOY and lights you UP is as unique as you are–and needs to be part of your business growth plan! You get the personalized attention you deserve for your business and your leadership in your 1:1s with Shannon and Minette.

  5. We only accept 6 CEOs at a time for this program. It’s intimate, customized, and focused on YOU.  

Is The Joyful CEO™ Program a good fit for you?

You’re an experienced coach, consultant, or strategist who is making at least $150k in annual revenue and you are looking for an effective and joyful way to expand your online business. 

You have taken the Business Expansion Scorecard Assessment and now have deep insight into the 8 areas of focus required for business expansion–and where you score in each area. 

You have at least one team member to help you with your growth, and you’d like a better framework for working with your team to build company culture and deep connection. (Or you have tried to hire a team to help you through the growing pains – but you haven’t found the right people, yet). 

You have raised your rates, but continue to cap out in revenue because you’re capped for time. 

You are a true thought leader – you’ve worked HARD to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. 

You understand that great businesses aren’t built in vacuums, and that you can’t grow what you don’t know. 

You are ready for a program that will accelerate your business growth. 

Here’s what’s included in The Joyful CEO™ Program:

The investment for this program is $2500 per month for 12 months. 

  • One 60-minute Goal Setting Session with Shannon to plan the path for business transformation and success 
  • One 90-minute monthly Mastermind call 
  • 12 45-minute 1:1 Business Expansion Strategy Sessions (one per month) with Shannon (12 total sessions) 
  • 12 45-Minute 1:1 Creativity and Mindset Coaching Sessions (one per month) with Minette (12 total sessions) 
  • 4 Creativity Mini- Retreats with Minette and Shannon (one each quarter) (via Zoom) (4 virtual mini-retreats) 
  • One destination Joy Money Retreat (all-inclusive, except travel)
  • Weekly email/messenger coaching based on your CEO Coffee Date Weekly Check-In Form 
  • One 30-Minute Celebration and Next Steps Call

Small shifts and changes add up, Big Time!

The Joyful CEO™ Program isn’t about changing one thing. 

Rather, it’s a paradigm shift of how you run your business, build your legacy, and serve your clients/community. 

The reward of embodying The Joyful CEO? 

You will experience MORE JOY. MORE REVENUE. and MORE TIME-OFF.  

This program is offered to those who are a great-fit-CEO. We want to ensure you  experience success for yourself, and will be a positive contribution to your CEO peers. 

Your next step is to schedule a Joy Chat with Shannon so we can meet one another!

Meet Your Program Mentors

Let’s face it – you don’t need another strategist or consultant who is going to tell you to do things that you don’t want to do or have you change things that are working. 

What you need are mentors who see YOU and support YOU as you grow into the next best version of yourself. 

M. Shannon Hernandez


Shannon Hernandez, also known as the Joy Money Catalyst, is ALL ABOUT THAT JOY in life and biz. She is specifically known around the globe for her joyful Business Growth Strategies. She is the founder of Joy Money Revolution and works with online coaches and consultants teaching them how to grow a profitable business that includes abundant time off.

A sought after expert in the world of online business strategy, Shannon has been featured on CBS, ABC, The Huffington Post, FOX, and NBC. She has over 25 years in award-winning curriculum design and is a master trainer and teacher. When she is not teaching, she’s funding projects that impact the world and its people.

M. Shannon Hernandez


Dr. Minette Riordan is a successful entrepreneur turned artist and mindset coach. After years of over-achieving and putting work first, she finally realized that it was time to turn her life upside down and put play at the top of her to do list! She discovered that the more she played, the more money she made.

Now she supports women leaders to tend to the gardens of their soul so they can experience more flow, make more time for play and grow their business with ease.