During the past year, when my confidence was at an all-time low, I turned to creative projects. This is NOT the norm for me, but I listened to my soul, who was calling out for me to slow down. Create. Relax. Go within. 

I started drawing, doing Zentangle, and writing haiku. This creative nurturing started the healing process and helped me more than I can even put into words. I also learned how creativity can play a huge role in marketing! Sharing my creative projects on social media helped me bond and form deeper connections with my audience. 

So when I put together The Confident Expert Program, I knew creativity in marketing was a must. 

Creativity allows you to innovate, it sets you apart, and helps you create amazing things in every area of your life. Creativity in marketing helps you: 

  • Boost your confidence.
  • Create more impact.
  • Experience deeper fulfillment in your work.
  • Problem solve and overcome obstacles in fun, new ways.
  • Stand out to your ideal clients.

Creativity paved the path to my own healing, helped me regain my confidence, and eased my stress during a painful, challenging time. Being creative in how I choose to market my business is a game-changer for my business–and my life. 

Creativity nurtures and amplifies confidence. It brings out the best within you so you can show up for yourself, your clients, and your business in all of your magnificence. 

That’s why I created The Confident Expert Program! So you can reclaim your confidence and use the power of creativity and your Content Personality™ to grow your business with joy and support.

Imagine a place of focus, creativity, and kick-ass mentoring strategically designed to help you overcome the lack of confidence you feel as a business owner. Imagine a supportive community, a sisterhood if you will, of like-minded business owners, gathered together to help one another step into The Confident Expert and explore creativity in marketing together.

Think about what you could create in that space and community. Daydream about the possibilities: more joy, more money, more freedom! 

If this sounds like something you are ready to step into, choose in! 

Apply for The Confident Expert Program. It’s 6-months of focus and learning how to use your Content Personality™ in creative ways that work for you in a community of kick-ass business owners who have your back!