For the past week, I’ve been co-leading the Global Visionary retreat in Costa Rica. The focus? How to position yourself as a Thought Leader and grow a global brand.

I’ve had so much fun working with 10 women who have ideas that change conversations and make an impact in the world. We’ve laid out marketing pipelines and really tapped into the energy each business owner will embody to build to the next level.

We’ve also had lots of play time, eating time, pool time, and self-care time. We’ve meditated and journaled together, walked the beach and shared our dreams, cried and laughed together, and laid out strategies for marketing.

We even zip lined on Sunday and realized that many of our fears come from the stories we tell ourselves about what might or could happen – not what is real. We had a blast flying through the air! ❤️ (After going backwards, upside down, and without hands, I am now ready for the extreme zip line course!)

I’ll leave you with these two questions today:
1 – What would be possible for you if you said a full-body YES to marketing your biz in a way that feels good to you?
2 – And what would be possible if you chose to be brave enough to stand up and say: I AM an expert and here’s why you need my help!



Whenever you’re ready, here are two ways we can help you develop and market your Thought Leader brand:

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